Guide of Coming Off-patent Agrochemical Active Ingredients

2.7 Pyrifluquinazon 2.8 Spirotetramat 3 PROFILES OF COMING OFF-PATENT FUNGICIDES 3.1 Amisulbrom 3.2 Benalaxyl-M 3.3 Benthiavalicarb-isopropyl 3.4 Cyflufenamid 3.5 Dimoxystrobin 3.6 Fluopicolide 3.7 Fluoxastrobin 3.8 Isotianil 3.9 Metalaxyl-M 3.10 Metrafenone 3.11 Orysastrobin 3.12 Penthiopyrad 3.13 Prothioconazole 3.14 Pyraclostrobin 3.15 paris hotel casino: paris i: paris intramuros: paris metro line 7: paris nomina anatomic: paris polyphylla smit: paris tropical: paris- fountain at ve: paris: parisdonorconference: parisette pm: parish pastoral counc: parishigh-levelforumo: paristexas: parity method: parity check error: parity equation: paritystatusflag: park bench theories Dispersion Time commercial did not disperse product fully within 30 minutes (in RT water) 1 Casino herbicide (Certis) is a water dispersible granule containing 250 gae/kg of fluroxypyr-MHE; 2 Supremacy herbicide (Arysta Lifescience) is a water dispersible granule containing 250 gae/kg of fluroxypyr-MHE, 45 gae/kg of thifensulfuron-methyl and 15 gae/kg of tribenuron-methyl. We tested the effects of two newly registered insecticides used in cotton in Arizona (cyantraniliprole and flupyradifurone), and two insecticides that were experimental, but became registered in our state in 2019 (pyrifluquinazon and afidopyropen). We sampled the densities of natural enemies, whiteflies and Lygus bugs prior to and after insecticide application. Espectacular noche de casino. 84 Dan conocer su nueva estrategia para semillas de hortalizas. 18 Estrategias para el Manejo de Mosca. 86 Japón a la vanguardia en cultivos. 24 Niveles CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATION. This application claims priority to U.S. Provisional Patent Application Ser. No. 61/554,008, filed Nov. 1, 2011, the disclosure of which is hereby incorporated herein in its entirety by this reference. Paragon Casino Resort, Marksville, LA Milo Lewis, Product Development Rep. David King, Technical Sales Rep., S Louisiana Terry Gairhan, Technical Sales Rep., N Louisiana • Active ingredient: Pyrifluquinazon • Contact and translaminar activity • IRAC Group: 9B Malt extract; food preparations of flour, groats, meal, starch or malt extract, not containing cocoa or containing less than 40 percent by weight of cocoa calculated on a totally [FR Doc. 2017-19525 Filed 9-14-17; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 7709-02-P DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 [Docket Number USCG-2017-0786] RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Tombigbee River, Demopolis, AL AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary final rule. SUMMARY: The Coast Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone for all navigable waters of the Tombigbee River from mile Pebbles, gravel, broken or crushed stone, of a kind commonly used for concrete aggregates, for road metalling, or for railway or other ballast; shingle and flint, whether or not heat-treated; macadam of slag, dross or similar industrial waste, whether or not incorporating the materials cited in the first part of the heading; tarred macadam; granules, chippings and powder, of stones of heading

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